by Hilary de Vries

The complete collection of the 'Cherry Blossom After Rain' music, composed and recorded on wire-strung harp.


A few years back Hilary received a collection of unpublished poetry by Canadian poet Robert MacLean. The poetry acted as a catalyst for the creation of new music, drawing on its Japanese setting and the themes that run through it, as well as combining it with her own background in Scottish folk and bagpipe music.


The music is played here on the same harp it was composed on, a wire-strung Kilcoy, with arrangements kept simple and unaccompanied  to highlight both the melodies and the qualities of the wire-strung harp.


The track titles come from different places. Some suggested themselves as the music was written, a few are taken from lines in the poetry, and others reflect imagery in the music. The overall aim is to create an ebb and flow with the music and a space for reflection.

'Leaf Fall'

'In Darkness Shine'


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Cherry Blossom After Rain CD cover

Cherry Blossom After Rain

CD £12 & Digital album £7.50


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As a Swan, Golden Eye, The Heron, Forest Fire, Honeycomb, Fizzy Chicken, Bamboo, Blessed Rain, The Scent of Pine, Leaf Fall, In the Light of the White Sun, Naked, Cherry Blossom After Rain, The Inbetween of Everything, Fragrant With Blue, For Everything, Butterfly, The Forgotten Way, The Safe Haven, In Darkness Shine, The Storks Returning, The Path Travelled, Where I Belong, With the Geese I Rise

'it has a lovely musical Oriental minimalism about it'

Alison Kinnaird, harpist

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Hilary de Vries