Original Tunes for the Wire-strung Clarsach

by Hilary de Vries & Bill Taylor



Alticry, Christmas Bells, Rosemarkie Burn, Heartstone, Auchenmalg, Bill Taylor's Tune, The Hunter & the Hound, The Hare's Dance, The Eagle's Flight, A Meditation, Sunflower, The Littlest Star, First Dawn, The Memory of Water, For Christy, The Blessing, Red Ruadh, Of the Land I Sing, On a Butterfly's Wing, The Colours of Spring

a great addition to the repertoire of a wire-strung harpist.'

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An uplifitng collection of new compositions for the wire-strung harp, written by Hilary de Vries and arranged by harpist and teacher Bill Taylor. The response from harpists to the book has been wonderful with many people enjoying the new repertoire, especially as the music is suitable for a wide variety of levels, from new player to more advanced.


Inspiration for the music came from many sources, including the land, birdsong and the sounds of the world around, but also from the isntrument itself. The long sustain that is so characteristic of a wire-strung harp and its abiliity to build chords in the air can suggest new ideas, as well as shape the tunes themselves and bring those characteristics to the fore.


The tunes were written on a small 19 string wire-strung clarsach with a range from G below Middle C up to treble D, meaning they can also be played on harps with a wider range


The book itself comes with background notes on the inspirations and ideas behind the music, playing techniques and notation guide and a CD with mp3 study recordings by Bill to aide learning.


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