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Original Compositions for the Wire-strung Clarsach

Hilary de Vries & Bill Taylor

lucid beauty and emotional depth'

'I kept putting a checkmark in the index of the ones I liked 'the best,' then discovered I was marking everything!'

A collection of compositions by Hilary de Vries, arranged and notated by Bill Taylor. The tunes are playable on a small wire-strung clarsach, with 19 strings, having a range from G below Middle C up to treble D.  

The music is suitable for various levels of ability, from new player to intermediate.  It can be played as solo pieces or as part of a group, and is also playable on gut-strung.

The book includes background notes on the inspirations and ideas behind the music, playing techniques and notation guide, and mp3 study recordings.

Available from:

Scotland's Music

Melody's Traditional Music & Harp Shoppe



The Hares' Dance

Hilary de Vries

The Eagle's Flight

Bill Taylor

The Memory of Water

Bill Taylor

A sample of tunes from the book