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Composer & Songwriter
This is a small selection of my music and songwork. This music is copyrighted, but if you would be interested in using any of it please get in touch via the Contact page.

From the book 'The Barley Skimmers'
Played by Maarten de Vries on pipes
St Michael's Church
St. Michael’s Church, also known as Kirkmichael, is a 16th /17th century chapel on the Black Isle, and has been recently restoreed. The music tries to capture something of the atmosphere of the place. More can be found out about the chapel, and the project to restore it on the Kirkmichael Trust website. An aerial video of the chapel, together with the music can be viewed by clicking here.
You Are My Guiding Light
Lyrics & Music by Hilary de Vries
It can often be harder with a song to know where the inspiration for it came from, or the meaning behind the words. Sometimes a reference is obvious, but most times I prefer to let the words and music come and take the shape they need to, and for people to find their own meaning there. This is one of those songs
In My Own Country
From the book ‘A Song Among the Stones’
played & arranged by Bill Taylor on wire-strung harp
Taken from a collection of music and poetry that follows the journey of 6th Century hermits from Iona to Ireland. The poetry by Kenneth Steven inspired the music, and the two come together in one publication.
Played by Graham Muir of The North Atlantic Project on bass guitar
Graham Muir
When I received my new harp from Ardival Harps I got a sense of the work that had gone into making it and it inspired this tune. It seemed obvious to name it after their harp builder Graham.
Lyrics by Aonghas MacNeacail
Music by Hilary de Vries
Aonghas sent the words to me, which inspired the music, and together they became this song.
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